February 26, 2024


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Cloud Emergence in THAI ECON

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Cloud Computing concept itself being generated along with the fast growing IT trends in late 20th century.

Many big companies started to adopt this latest IT service model to fulfill the emerging needs of internet related services for their enterprises and businesses.

Amazon, Google and Apple are considered to be among the top few companies who accepted the cloud model for their business needs at the start of 21st century. Mainly, because of the reason that it caters all the demands of the IT services required by these companies with wide range service offering to far-reaching customers with much ease.    

In year 2017, Cloud ไทย was actually like an untold story as per research being carried out because companies in Thailand though familiar with cloud model thing but were somehow either reluctant or unconvinced to really invest in it.

The legitimate reason behind this was their knowledge was no enough on this concept which is why they were not implementing or accepting it in its greater context.    

In 2018, Thailand companies take a shift and started to opt this IT service concept to enhance their infrastructure to transform their country economy go digital. This ultimately resulted in creating positive impact on their economic affairs with neighboring countries as well.    

It was however yet not a popular concept in Thailand until Corona pandemic hover the world economy like never before two years ago.

Not only Thailand, it is justifiable to say that cloud concept is widely accepted and adopted throughout the world globally due to global COVID19 pandemic.

Thai businesses at once got directly hit with it like other countries. In 2000, due to sudden demand for IT facilities increase after COVID 19 pandemic, Thailand economic advisors compelled them to go for digitalization in almost every field hence, resulting in cloud computing concept real emergence.

Now as per real analysis earlier this year, it is likely to be expected that Thai businesses will priorities their investment budget to increase cloud spending to maintain their regular operations and procedures parallel with COVID 19 state.       

In order to support the remote working, the business enterprises will be using their finances in cloud investment to enhance greater infrastructure facilities to fulfill the needs of the customer.  

PWC Thailand leading Consulting Partner and Financial Services Leader said that almost 50% of Thai companies have taken measures due to prevailing pandemic crises to embrace cloud-based services mainly hybrid cloud models in order to keep up with the remote work set up.

This culture surely will continue because it is not only ensuring safety but providing swiftness required during such crises in future.

Cloud service strategy is opted so drastically in Thailand like never before due to recent pandemic constraints.

Work from home concept is successfully being implemented just because of the hybrid cloud being transitioned by many companies due to its successful (IAAS), Infrastructure as a service concept.

There’s still a long way to go on this road because augmenting the solid IT infrastructure and cloud investment is undoubtedly a challenging thing because this pandemic is hampering the growth of all sectors due to lot of financial constraints involved.   

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