February 27, 2024


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Top 5 Games To Play During The Lockdown

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2020 was a tough year by all standards with the Corona-virus pandemic topping the list of challenges that everyone had to cope with directly or indirectly. With people having to stay indoors as a result of the lockdown and other imposed restrictions, everyone had to resort to several means and take measures to overcome the inevitable boredom that was starting to creep in. 

Fortunately, as people started to lose their minds, PS5 came in to save the day. Gaming was certainly one activity a lot of people indulged themselves in as the thrill of having to forget the horrors of the present world and submerge themselves into the fantasy of virtual characters was endearing. 

However, just when we all thought we were about to see the back of the pandemic and hoped for a return to the normalcy of our day to day life, a second wave hit the world with greater and more damaging effects that the UK government had to suspend football fans from returning to stadiums and imposed a second lockdown. 

If you are concerned about the gradual monotony staying at home for an extended time will cause, Fret not!!! UK.collected.reviews has got you covered on some of the best games to play during the lockdown in 2021. Not only will you get access to information about el corte ingles and other stores that provide quality gaming systems, but you’ll also have access to reviews from their previous customers and know people’s opinions on the best games to play. 

After thorough research and reviews from premium gamers, here are the best games to play during the lockdown.

  • Animal Crossing (New Horizons): Animal Crossing is a game that would instantly kill anyone’s boredom. With amazing features, challenges, and characters, even a new gamer would fall in love with the game. From activities such as; playing the turnip stalk market to perfecting your tarantula farming technique, you are always guaranteed to have an exciting Nintendo gaming experience.
  • Hades: Hades displaying acts of kindness is the least thing you can ever imagine. However, this remains one of the best games available on Mac, Windows, and Nintendo Switch. With a huge cast of exciting characters, the game tells a story based on Greek mythology where; Zagreus, son of Hades, tries to break free from the depths of hell in an attempt to reach the surface. The exciting storyline encapsulating emotions of; despair, agony, and triumph is certain to help you get through boredom.
  • The Last Of Us Part 2: The thousands of positive reviews on this modern action-adventure game reveals it is worth the hype. The Last of Us Part II hit right in the first few months of the pandemic with an emotional storyline so good that you would be left with conflicting emotions as Ellie and Joel once again face seemingly insurmountable challenges. If you are looking for a game that you wouldn’t forget so easily then The Last of Us Part II is your best bet. 
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake: Although FF7 has had its fair share of criticisms, however the iconic storyline, interesting characters, and the introduction of an engaging style of action-RPG ensure the game makes our top list of some of the best games to play in 2021. Final fantasy fans will enjoy the familiar surroundings of Midgar and FF7 just presents it in a more admirable and combative environment filled with primitive and blocky 3D characters.
  • Doom Eternal: Doom Eternal might not have the best storyline but you’ll definitely enjoy the thrill that comes with ripping and tearing into every demon and dead-eyed ghoul. You’ll have to fight until you kill Satan himself as you get a sword towards the end of the game.  Doom Eternal would certainly bring a joyful relief and bless you with an exciting gaming experience from the beginning to the end. 
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