July 23, 2024


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Wireless Technology Advancement in ERP Software

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Enterprising Resource Planning or ERP is going places these days. It has become an integral part of almost all business. So like the Wireless Technology, its effectiveness has been proved beyond doubt. Advancement of Wireless Technology in ERP has given a double advantage to the companies which are using ERP for a long time. As Wireless technology has its reach beyond any geographic location and also its communication and data transfer process is much faster. So it has become the eye candy of every organization.

Today every offices use WIFI connections which are free from the hassles of wired connections, has been proved as the boon to the ERP users. Like in any manufacturing company where head office is in different location whereas warehouse, sales office, manufacturing unit are in different location. They are now always connected through WIFI and can keep all updated information about stocks, product delivery sales process, workers time schedules and also the profit margin. Previously they all had to maintain piles of files and also engage more people for the maintenance of those files. But now they are saved from those tortures. Now only a laptop is all they require with super fast data communication process and they are sorted from every problem.

With the advancement of wireless technology in ERP, the company policies and sales volume has increased. Now the sales team can gather any data, any information about their target, all figures and numbers are now with them always due to super fast data transfer and they can just take any crucial decision at any point of time just by getting right facts and figures in order. The increase of sales target, or widening the profit margin can be easily calculated and therefore can make a difference to the sales force. Also any distribution companies can maintain E-commerce feature with wireless technology and that too for 24X7.

Maintenance of customers who are the key aspect of any business has now become much easier than before. It’s just a matter of clicking of mouse. When there is a need to contact any customer for better business, how far he is, but he is always within reach through emails, chats, and video conferencing. And from the point of view of the customers, the self service systems make them more comfortable for any service or complain or suggestions, without wasting time in front office for the same. It can save a day for the better work in a productive way.

All large companies these days do have global headquarter, and business locations are in different place.

So whenever there is a major decision making issue like revenue generation, or may be product supply or manufacturing problems or machinery issues, they can take it with all the relevant data available to them with all updated information, no matter where they are located. Wireless technology has crossed all geographical barriers.

But there is a flip side to the story. Like all other technologies wireless technology has also come under threat of piracy. As this is a very high competitive world so it has become almost impossible to avoid piracy when the real data has been published.

But reaserches are going on to make the system more secure and private, alternative measures of transferring data and communication should be approached. But in spite of these threats the advancement of wireless technology in ERP has taken a huge leap in the way of business process.

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