December 3, 2023


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25 Most Underrated Video Game Sequels Ever

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Mafia 3

25. Mafia 3

Mafia and Mafia 2 aren’t universally beloved classics, but many even now uncover time to praise people titles for their retro gangster settings and a little far more limited gameplay that available a tighter alternate to so quite a few GTA clones. Mafia 3, however, proved to be rather divisive, with a great deal of the criticism directed toward the game rightfully reserved for its attempts to utilize a reasonably generic design and style of open up-environment gameplay. Most of those people criticisms are valid. 

But, Mafia 3’s marginally additional generic style of gameplay does little to diminish the impression of its astounding characters, environment, and plot. By exploring the hardly ever explored world of 1968 New Orleans (New Bordeaux in the match), Mafia 3 was ready to give a distinct variety of crime recreation story that balanced the intimate factors individuals convert to a lifestyle of crime with an elaborate authorities conspiracy plot. The gameplay must have been far better, but it is surely excellent enough to justify encountering this game’s astounding story. – Matthew Byrd

Metal Gear Acid 2

24. Steel Equipment Acid 2

Metal Gear Acid was a fantastic video game, but the title’s generic visuals and function-in-development card-dependent approach gameplay turned a large amount of PSP players off. Sadly, that game’s struggles and usually strange premise meant that a ton of folks under no circumstances seriously gave Metal Gear Acid 2 the shot it very significantly deserved. 

If you can get past the hurdle of enjoying a Metallic Equipment tactic game primarily based around collectible card fight, you’ll discover that Metallic Equipment Acid 2 presents a considerably extra refined version of that fundamental strategy than its predecessor did. Even greater, it attributes some genuinely pretty cel-shaded graphics that actually seize the entertaining and absurd sides of the collection whilst fitting the gameplay like a glove. This match deserves a ton of appreciate and a wider present day launch, but, given that it’s Konami we’re chatting about, it will just about definitely never ever get either. – MB

Resistance 3

23. Resistance 3

Immediately after Microsoft rocked the FPS planet with Halo, virtually just about every match publisher desired to develop their individual Halo-killer. For Sony, that was the Resistance: Drop of Person franchise (with the Killzone series also getting a shot at the style crown). The initially match was reviewed pretty properly, but its sequel, Resistance 2, added quite a few adjustments players did not like, these as regenerating wellness and a two-weapon restrict. This very likely fed into the remaining entry’s dismal income numbers, which is a disgrace since Resistance 3 is arguably the very best in the series.

Compared with other entries in the Resistance collection, Resistance 3 isn’t a purely military tale all about combating invading aliens. The activity also has more human factors, these types of as how survivors are…well, surviving a submit-apocalyptic planet.  Moreover, Resistance 3 drops the controversial variations to Resistance 2 and adds in a weapon leveling system that encourages experimentation. Resistance 3 fundamentally killed the Resistance franchise when, in a just world, it really should have saved it. – Aaron Greenbaum | Newsphere by AF themes.