May 18, 2024


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39 Photos That Will Give 2000s Girls Flashbacks

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Oh, to be playing Pixel Chix in your room full of blow-up furniture…

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Hello! This post is for all the 2000s girls out there. Specifically, those of you who are in your twenties or early thirties now.

Everyone else gone? Okay, good. SO my 2000s girls, we all know we grew up in the best era. We had unparalleled TV shows and movies — think Cadet Kelly, Totally Spies, and Life-Size — impeccable fashion, and sooo many great games.

But I’d like to take it back with some even more specific, obscure things — things you probably haven’t thought about in decades. Are you ready?

First up, I have to talk about Dream Life. I BEGGED my mom for this game. It just plugged into your TV and then you could gather friends, do homework, get a job, become popular, shop…and all this other wild stuff you can’t do in the real world!

In case your memory needs jogging, here’s the title screen, where you assigned your personality, and your room:

And then of course, there was the Superstar version. Which was…mostly the same, except you could become a star.

To jog your memory:

David ‘mamehaze’ Haywood / YouTube / Via

If only it was this easy IRL.


And I would be remiss not to mention Designer’s World, the version where you could become a fashion designer!

But everyone knows the best fashion designing tool was Fashion Plates.


Or just going on Stardoll and trying your hand at designing celebs. Probably not Conan O’Brien but you know, the option was there.

None of this compared, though, to accessorizing yourself. If you weren’t allowed to get your ears pierced, these bad boys probably carried you through elementary school.

The ultimate stylin’ accessory was these bracelets that I quite literally have not thought about in 15 years.

And these hair scrunchies could fix any bad hair day.

Though if you wanted to get REALLY fancy, you added a hair wrap…

…or even hair jewels.

There were also these hair braiders. I’m not going to lie: I know nostalgia’s about remembering the good but these things were awful. They tangled your hair beyond repair.

I don’t know why I was so obsessed with FurReal friends, considering we had two real cats, but these animatronic bad boys were a highlight of my childhood.

They were even better than Furbys, which I loved in theory but didn’t buy because someone forwarded a chain email about them being possessed and I got scared.

I was more of a Calico Critters kind of gal.

There is quite literally nothing in adult life that gives you the sense of power that wearing this crown gave me in Pretty Pretty Princess.


If like me, you were very into playing spy as a kid, you definitely had one of those lipsticks that could record things. Although I don’t know what we were expecting to catch on tape. Our parents talking about what’s for dinner?

And of course, you needed a spy-proof password journal to keep all your secrets.

Another way to play spy was, of course, the Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time online game, wherein you time-traveled and could play as baby Kim.

Online games really were something else back then. The Barbie website was a personal favorite.

I LOVED the makeover game.

And its princess version.


Speaking of Barbie…I bet you can HEAR this photo.

The grip Barbie had on me as a kid… I mean, how could she not? She literally had a computer game wherein you attached a MAGIC LAMP that lit up!!!

A special mention goes out to the ORIGINAL Bratz though. I credit them with my love for makeup.

I also loved the What’s Her Face dolls. You know, the ones where you could draw their faces on. It was very useful for when you wanted to change their mood. They were also, looking back, really creepy.

American Girl dolls were probably the best dolls of all but considering how expensive they were, the more accessible part was just drooling over the catalogs.

Groovy Girls were also a personal favorite — especially the mermaid versions.


As a mermaid girl, I also have to mention The Tale of Emily Windsnap


…and H2O: Just Add Water.


Specifically, the way they swam, which I always tried to replicate.

Network Ten

It’s harder than it looks.

Although the best part of swimming was definitely doing George Washington hair.

We all remember Tamagotchis but do you remember Pixel Chix?? Because those were way better. Especially when you connected them to your friends’ houses.

I feel like I haven’t given Disney its due in this post. Anyone else remember this handheld Little Mermaid game?

We had the best music in the 2000s. And by that, I mean Disney songs from the ’90s that were covered by 2000s bands and artists.


I’ve been kind of avoiding mentioning TV because I feel like most people remember the great 2000s girl TV but I gotta mention Clifford’s Puppy Days, wherein Clifford was SMALL!!!!!

PBS/Courtesy Everett Collection

I have to mention Madeline too — but mostly the computer game. Truly one of my faves.

I remember wanting Rainbow Art soo badly.

But I had to make do with this art set that I got from my grandparents every year.

Finally, I must mention the ultimate 2000s girl item: everything and anything Lisa Frank.

Honestly? Bring back the Lisa Frank days.

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