June 23, 2024


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3D and 4D Mind Maps for Tracking, Analyzing and Programming Artificial Intelligence

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Recently I had an interesting discussion from a Midwest US Grad Student on the possibilities of a 3D, 4D Mind Map, which would in fact take the entire MindMap concept to the next level. Currently the Online Think Tank is engaged in on-going topics of the use of human mind mapping and its uses in AI or Artificial Intelligence.

My concept is to make the mind map more dynamic in 3D and 4D; for instance using a wheel as the center of the MindMap and then visualizing it as it turns. Allowing it to flow or roll along a line or distance space on the line representing a; question-decision phase that needs to be made.

As the wheel passes by it covers all the potential personal mindmap characteristics of the individual. It skips those irrelevant in the process and also folds the line to delete those question points in the space of the decision to be made. Multiple questions can be asked along the line. Linear thinking or rotational molding you ask? Well, good point so now that you understand the concept lets go a step or two further with this. First to visualize a MindMap process see page 7 on this Online Human Knowledge MindMap eBook;


Let us do the same thing with a Sphere where all the attributes of an individual or their normal decision making process are in 4D within the sphere, but the original branches of the mind map are on the surface of the sphere the rest continue to deep with in it. Think of Beach Ball with a spiral galaxy inside where the planets and solar systems are semi connected.

Instead of the circle on a line, this time we watch as the Beach Ball rolls across the gym floor (which has a grid on it). The Beach Ball zig zags to hit all the various decision points on the surface of the beach ball across the floor. As this is mapped you are taking the individuals Mind Map and applying it to thinking and decision making.

Simultaneously you are recording it. Then you have mapped the thinking process on your graph and eventually you can know the decisions of an individual in advance and from this process you can use the graph and mathematics to program an AI machine to learn from its decisions based on the path of the decisions made on each journey and problem or challenge? Recording as it goes and then write a program to evaluate the decision and out comes. Teaching it to think for itself. Of course, I am abstractly thinking here, to do your own thinking read about Mind Mapping in your quest to be the best.

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