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7 Reasons Why PowerPoint Is Effective To Use for Presentations

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PowerPoint has been around for quite some time now. It is probably the first tool that you ever used for making a presentation on your computer. But with all the advancement in technology and digital tools, the question arises: Is PowerPoint still relevant today? The answer is yes! It is just as effective for making creative and engaging presentations as it was in the earlier days.

PowerPoint has surely stood the test of time and adapted to the rapidly changing digital world. Over the years, it has been updated and modified with new tools and features that make it easier for anyone to create and deliver an effective presentation. That is the reason why PowerPoint presentations have been the go-to option for students, teachers, speakers, business person, etc., for several years.

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If you’re still not convinced, then keep reading as we explore the benefits of using PowerPoint for delivering presentations in your academic and professional lives.  

Benefits of Using PowerPoint for Presentations

In this section, we are going to explain the seven reasons why PowerPoint is still effective to use for presentations.

1.    Engage Your Audience

PowerPoint presentations offer tools and features that allow you to make engaging and interactive slides. This keeps your audience from losing interest as your presentation isn’t just a chunk of text but is filled with illustrations, graphs, and other types of visual content.

Visual aids like infographics, charts, and images are the best way to help your audience retain the knowledge that you provide in your presentations, and PowerPoint slides allow you to do exactly that. The visual content will enhance your experience, give you the confidence that you need, and help you deliver an effective presentation.

2.    Gain Control

When you use PowerPoint slides, you gain complete control over the flow of your presentations. You can decide the hierarchy and arrangement of your content. Plus, you can use a diverse range of visual aids and materials. PowerPoint allows you to cater to different audiences. It also allows you to customize the same presentation for different audiences.

You have complete control over the theme of your slides in terms of colors, text, font, media, content, etc. You can also control the pace of the slides and portray your message or data in a way that fits your style.

3.    Make It Look Good With Slides

The latest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint offer such diversity of design and options of customization that you can tailor your slides according to your own unique style. With a slide, you can use multiple forms of content like text, images, infographics, etc., to send your message across.

 PowerPoint gives you the liberty and tools to channel your imagination to make your presentation as creative or as simple as you’d like. So, really! You have the power to turn any plain topic interesting with Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

4.    Utilize Presenter View

No matter how many presentations you have delivered in your life, there’s always some level of nervousness when one gets on the stage or addresses an audience. That’s where the presenter view comes in. It can help you through those emotions of nervousness with the help of notes and pointers that you add yourself.

Since the presenter’s view is not visible to the audience, you can add information and highlight things that you don’t want to forget during the presentation. The notes in the presenter’s view will help you remember all the important points at all times. It’s an excellent aid for your presentation day. 

5.    Create Flow Maps

It’s easier to explain things to people with the help of flow maps. Whether you’re conducting a training session or running an awareness campaign, using flow maps to teach has proven to be highly effective. People often lose track of text or what the person is saying, but when you break those same ideas into flow maps, the new information becomes easier to retrain.

6.    Share Your Content with Audience

Another benefit of using PowerPoint for delivering presentations is that you can easily share your content with the audience afterward. This is a good practice because you can maximize the impact of your talk by giving your audience the opportunity to go through the material again at their convenience. Sharing your content means your audience can skim through it anytime they need it.

We recommend that you make two copies of your presentation slides. Use one for the presentation while adding some extra information in the other one that you can share with your audience for later use. The extra information could be anything that you say during the presentation but isn’t displayed in your slides. This way, your audience can go over all of the information that you shared in the presentation. It is also great to share information with people who couldn’t attend the presentation in person.  

7.    Organize Content & Yourself

PowerPoint lets you organize, like no other. It gives you the structure you need to stay on your topic and deliver your message within the allotted time. It’s easy to lose track of your topic and time when you start speaking in front of an audience, but if you have presentation slides to guide you through all the topics that you need to address, you will never run the risk of being a bore to your audience.

Final Thoughts

Despite what people say, PowerPoint is just as relevant and effective for presentations as ever. Over the years, it has been updated with new tools and features that have stood the test of times. If you’re looking for a professional PowerPoint design agency in London, then contact us here!

Author Bio:

Richard Kearsey is a digital designer at Emerald Colour – a digital design agency in London that offers various services, like website design, animation, bespoke exhibition stand design, etc. He loves creativity and enjoys experimenting with various design techniques for both web and print. He also enjoys sharing his thought on the latest design trends and upcoming marketing ideas.

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