June 23, 2024


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Cityscape Multi-Level Keyboard Really Stacks Up

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Keyboards with wells like the Maltron, the Kinesis Benefit relatives, and almost everything dactyl-esque out there are wonderful. Rely on us, we know this firsthand. But if you want to construct your own curvy lady, how the heck can you apply that condition without 3D printing, clever woodworking, or entry to tooling and plastic molding products? Very well, there is a further way. Over on twitter (translated) (Threadreader: Japanese, English), [tsukasa_metam] has attained the key well result by stacking up PCBs to make a skyline of vertically-staggered keys.

The boards of Cityscape are all screwed with each other for mechanical integrity, but all those screws are operating overtime, offering electrical connections amongst the layers as perfectly. We specifically like that there is an impetus for this create other than ‘I imagined of it, so let us do it’ — [tsukasa_metam] tends to typo in the double essential press sense, hitting Q for occasion at the same time when A was the meant focus on. In between the 3.2 mm of vital journey, the 2.8 mm move height, and individuals flat F10 keycaps, that is no lengthier an concern.

Rather of the popular reduced-profile Kailh choc switches, [tsukasa_metam] went with TTC KS32s, a new swap launched in 2020. Compared with chocs, they’ll get Cherry MX-design and style keycaps, as extensive as they’re putting on brief skirts. Cityscape isn’t entirely open up resource, but the concept is now out there even so, and we happen to have an Odd Inputs and Peculiar Peripherals contest operating now as a result of July 4th.

Do stacked PCBs appear kinda common? Hey, it is less complicated than winding transformer coils.

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