July 23, 2024


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Complex Versus Simple Household Appliances

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Technology advances at an incredible pace and it’s therefore virtually impossible to keep up to speed with every aspect of technological life, whether it’s mobile phones, televisions, household appliances or cameras. And unless you’re willing to spend a fortune on these things on a monthly basis there’s absolutely no way of owning the latest gizmos and gadgets so what are the advantages and disadvantages to complex household appliances and their simple relations?

Complex technology has the downfall of having a lot of different elements, options, parts and components and therefore a lot of things that can go wrong but this is the risk we take when we demand so much from our household appliances. The rule tends to be that the more expensive an item, the better it is in terms of the quality of the job it does and the more options and functions it has and when we buy into these items, we accept the fact that when it goes wrong it will be potentially very expensive to replace and more expensive to repair than a simpler version or model.

On the other side of the coin, a simple household appliance which offers one function and one function only may not be as fancy as a more complex version but you can almost guarantee that it was cheaper to manufacture and will therefore cheaper to buy. Based on the same theory, the less component parts that were needed in the manufacturing and design process should mean less expensive appliance repairs. The same can also be said for the recycling process when the appliance in question has reached the end of its life and is no longer cost effective to repair, the less component parts, the less taking apart will be necessary and the quicker and cheaper the recycling process will be.

Complex household appliances will undoubtedly offer more to the user, with complex washing machines offering all sorts of different cycles, spin speeds, temperatures and so on, every programme you’d ever need to wash anything but a washing machine repair of this kind might well be more expensive. But does it matter? Really the more expensive ones should be built to last longer and a washing machine repair in this case is still highly likely to be a more cost effective option than a replacement, meaning you could end up spending less overall than if you had bought a simple washing machine that was cheaper but cost more to repair than it was probably worth.

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