June 23, 2024


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Experimental filmmaker embryoroom presents Escape From Coney Island

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A surprise sequel to the experimental filmmaker’s 2021 movie, Ravaged By The Solar (American Cannibalism).

Back in 2021 experimental filmmaker, musician and multimedia artist Edward Quist, superior recognised by his mysterious alias, embryoroom, channeled a year’s well worth of pandemic-induced angst, anguish and anxiety into Ravaged By The Sun (American Cannibalism), an ambitious, characteristic-length collage of stroboscopic imagery, textural CGI and a seething rating of desolate electronics and chilly techno. A nihilistic sci-fi response to being locked down in New York Metropolis, Ravaged By The Sunlight is set in a entire world in which the Coney Island amusement park has been reworked into a concentration camp guarded by bio-engineered zombies and the Empire State Making serves as a relay antenna transmitting a demise ray utilized for submission and regulate in a totalitarian America. In the sequel, Escape From Coney Island, Quist explores this environment additional, pitching headlong into a breathless dash of monochrome and hearth. That includes sound and efficiency from Ilpo Väisänen of Pan Sonic, the “dark magus of the American underground” John Duncan, Helsinki-based, Italian duo Nona Et Decima, NYC artists Karpinski and Qvorg and Mute Information engineer Paul Kendall, the film sees Quist inviting a new cast of collaborators to interact with the entire world of Ravaged By The Solar.


“Brain fog is a symptom of our time,” explains writes collaborator and cultural theorist Alexei Monroe. “Two yrs into the pandemic and months into the catastrophic war in the Ukraine, a lot of are numb and digitally shell-shocked. Very little cuts by means of and every new shock is witnessed passively. This ‘new’ symptom is by itself the result of over two a long time of world wide web-primarily based digital details overload. This can be even extra marked in all those of us who put in decades attending or doing at powerful, audiovisual techno and digital events. We have noticed and heard so a great deal electronic depth. Numbness can creep in, making it challenging for nearly anything to actually lower through and disturb or inspire us. The tragedy of indifference is unfolded right before us. The decaying, serially overloaded senses – the withered cultural muscular tissues – the metaphorical toll of the bell.”


Drawing on Quist’s enjoy of ’60s cathode ray tv aesthetics, as very well as obscure televisual references these kinds of as the first operate of The Twilight Zone, the groundbreaking title sequences and the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop’s score of Health care provider Who, as properly as aged Tv test cards, Monroe traces the connections among Quist’s appreciate of science fiction and horror and his disturbing caricature of an The united states divided by surveillance and propaganda. “After a brief, ominous introduction, jaded senses are pressed into company by infinitely strobing, ever-evolving alerts that seem to infest and to haunt the screen. Biomechanical demons, tortured prisoners contorted into anguished digital caricatures and an at any time-intensifying soundtrack propel the viewer ahead relentlessly.” 


“Quist reunites with a further outdated collaborator, the excellent Ilpo Vaisanen of Pan Sonic,” carries on Monroe. “Quist filmed a lot of of Pan Sonic’s intensive performances in 1999 and some of this wealthy content found its way into the seminal 2008 Kuvaputki DVD. The ghostly, distorted visible textures of this eeriest of live performance movies has undoubtedly filtered by into embryoroom’s audiovisual procedures as can be found in some of the blurred movement trails bordering the human figures observed in the movie. With the advantage of hindsight, some of the ghostly figures viewed in Kuvaputki could pretty much fit into the new film.” Careening to a climax of catharsis, Escape From Coney Island concludes in flames of both of those destructive power and of hopeful renewal, the twisted, mechanised abominations of guy melted down, paving the way for for whichever arrives up coming. embryoroom will return.


For additional information about Edward Quist’s do the job as embryoroom, you can abide by him on Instagram or take a look at his internet site. You can find the rating for Escape From Coney Island at Bandcamp.

Escape From Coney Island Credits:

Producer, Director – Edward Quist
Soundtrack – Ilpo Väisänen of Pan Sonic, John Duncan, Nona Et Decima, Qvorg, Paul Kendall and embryoroom
Second Unit Digicam – Lyydia Osara
Output Assistant – Kamil Karpinski
Customized Sound Tools – Lateral Seem British isles

1. Ministry of Worry / Astroland – embryoroom (00.00)
2. Anodyne Tunnel / Terminal Wonder Wheel – embryoroom (8:42)
3. Bio Cell / Electric Throne – embryoroom [Feat. Nona Et Decima] (Karpinski Remix) (13:24)
4. Psychogenic killgrid / Screen Memory – embryoroom (20:29)
5. Archetype Implant / Darkish Island – Qvorg (24:41)
6. Reanimated War Cadaver / Ghost of Chance – John Duncan, embryoroom (28:42)
7. Ministry of Ailment / The 5th Vial – embryoroom [Feat. Paul Kendall] (32:45)
8. The Previous Human / American Cannibalism – Ilpo Väisänen (39:51)
9. Shadow Sporogenesis, Dispersal / Primitive Injection – embryoroom) (44:47)
10. Finish Credits (52:06)

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