May 25, 2024


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Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

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This 7 days, our first put winner on the insightful side is That A single Male with a remark about how Murdoch-pushed social media information taxes in some international locations have created Fb drop curiosity in news:

Appeasement does not get the job done? What a surprise

Give an inch and they demanded a mile, who could have witnessed that coming from an industry that thinks they are owed income from the individuals sending traffic to them for totally free?

Awesome that Facebook at lease could possibly have caught on that no amount of income will ever be ample for the parasitic publishers, I search forward to potential articles or blog posts exactly where they’ll be screaming about how Facebook eradicating any one-way links to their stuff is an abuse of electricity and the govt requirements to stage in and force them to have and pay for news.

In next area, it is Keroberos with a remark about the ethical panic research showing Instagram will make some teens sense worse about them selves:

That chart is meaningless. Instagram makes some teens feel worse about them selves. When compared to what? I’d be inclined to wager that if you asked that identical query of teenagers (or any person, for that make a difference), but changed the word “Instagram” with any other area the place they could possibly interact with other people (college, residence, perform, the mall, a party, just about anyplace), you’d get nearly similar quantities. About fifty percent would say it experienced no outcome, about a quarter would say it experienced a optimistic impact, and about a quarter would say it was destructive. That chart has some variation, but for the most portion appears like an almost standard distribution and essentially skewed in the direction of the beneficial as an alternative of the detrimental.

For editor’s choice on the insightful facet, we have received two more remarks about the social media information taxes. 1st, it is 1 far more from That 1 Dude, raising a key level about these techniques:

And that is why the more substantial publishers have attempted to make it lawfully difficult to not demand cash for back links with guidelines like this, because they know the lesser retailers will make obvious that men and women can url to them for nothing at all and completely undermine the parasites hoping to demand money.

Future, it’s That Anonymous Coward with a basic remark about the predicament:

You required us extra than we essential you…

(shamelessly stolen I forget about where and when but this type of proves this notion has constantly been with us)

Hey, this golden egg is amazing.
But I wager if we lower the goose open, we could get a next golden egg, and we would not have to wait around for tomorrow.
Frankly, I just can’t see any downsides to this strategy, and I suggest we employ it straight away.
Gentlemen, sharpen your axes.

More than on the funny side, our very first position winner is jojo_36 with one more remark about the social media ethical stress and the Texas rep who has promised a invoice to ban teens from the solutions:

Texas proposes a further Social Media Regulation:

Techdirt: “Ah shit, in this article we go all over again.”

In 2nd spot, it’s z! with a remark about Elon Musk trying to get out of the Twitter deal:

What takes place up coming?
We all get a double popcorn and established back to enjoy.

For editor’s option on the amusing facet, we commence out with kvh and one particular a lot more remark about the social media stress:

I presume when Texans listed here just one of their politicians setting up on banning minors from social media they assume he’s scheduling on banning minorities from social media.

Finally, it’s an anonymous comment about Ben Smith’s Semafor start event and his disastrous interview with Tucker Carlson:

Happy we obtained to hear Tucker’s standpoint. He just doesn’t have a system of his very own where he gets to say what ever bullshit comes to his head.

Which is all for this 7 days, people!


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