May 25, 2024


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LEAPS Summer Bridge Program prepares incoming students

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Laredo College LEAPS Program kicked off the 2022 Summer Bridge Program this week. The event will run up until July 21.

The program welcomed over 90 incoming freshmen to the Title III Leadership, Excellence, Academic, Preparedness in STEM Program, designed to help students majoring in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields overcome various academic and financial barriers by providing them with opportunities and resources to succeed in the field, as well as focused, specific and personalized advising regarding STEM academic programs.

The Summer Bridge Program provides a seamless transfer from high school to college for students interested in pursuing a STEM Degree.

“Each of our summer programs is designed to meet the needs of our students and to facilitate the process for them once they enroll at our institution,” said the program in a statement. “The LEAPS Summer Bridge Program exposes students to hands-on intensive STEM activities and helps them network with their peers and STEM faculty. Just as important, it helps them create a sense of belonging to our campus.

“Students who complete the Summer Bridge Program form part of the LEAPS program and are provided assistance throughout their academic careers here at LC by our program staff.”

Also, Summer Bridge participants will receive a $500 stipend check, school supplies and leased equipment.

As a member of the LEAPS program, students are given the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research; activities that develop analytical, research and professional skills; and field trips, and they can be set up to qualify for internships. They can also receive mentoring from faculty and other professionals.

“We are extremely excited to welcome students back to our beautiful campus, showcase all the excellent programs our institution has to offer and most importantly provide them with opportunities to excel in their academic careers/endeavors,” said Rose Mary Aguero, director of LEAPS program. | Newsphere by AF themes.