February 27, 2024


Step Into The Technology

Modern Wall Art

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After firing at a temperature of 750–850 degrees Celsius (1380–1560 degrees Fahrenheit), the result is a fused lamination of glass and metal. Unlike most painted techniques, the surface can be handled and wetted Enamels have traditionally been used for decoration of precious objects, but have also been used for other purposes.



If one defines rhythm as “a pause incorporated into a sequence”, then there can be rhythm in paintings. These pauses allow creative force to intervene and add new creations—form, melody, coloration. The distribution of form, or any kind of information is of crucial importance in the given work of art, and it directly affects the aesthetic value of that work. This is because the aesthetic value is functionality dependent, i.e. the freedom (of movement) of perception is perceived as beauty. Free flow of energy, in art as well as in other forms of “techne”, directly contributes to the aesthetic value.


The program encourages diverse practice and does not limit the development of work into other genres. A critically acclaimed painter and sculptor, Kalidou Kasse has been debunking the myth of the starving African artist for years, by showcasing his versatile work at home in Senegal, and abroad. Spanish artists Concha García Zaera, an 88-year-old grandmother from Valencia has become an Instagram sensation. Pigcasso, a rescued pig in South Africa, has become an art sensation, Commercial Painting pieces that sell for thousands of dollars. Ultimately, we want to attract to the course those artists that want to work in a supportive environment and have the drive and ambition to realise the full potential of their studio practice, in turn energising their peer group.

The virtual box contains many instruments that do not exist outside the computer, and which give a digital artwork a different look and feel from an artwork that is made the traditional way. Furthermore, digital painting is not ‘computer-generated’ art as the computer does not automatically create images on the screen using some mathematical calculations.

One of Britain’s oldest churches has said it will install a reimagined version of The Last Supper painting that portrays Jesus Christ as a black man. The St Albans Cathedral in Hertfordshire is all set to display the painting by artist Lorna May Wadsworth as part of a prayer installation in the North Transept from July 4. When looked at closely, there is a visible gap between the painting and the wall.

Action painting, sometimes called gestural abstraction, is a style of painting in which paint is spontaneously dribbled, splashed or smeared onto the canvas, rather than being carefully applied. The resulting work often emphasizes the physical act of painting itself as an essential aspect of the finished work or concern of its artist.

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