November 30, 2023


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Recreating A Camera Shot | Hackaday

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People rolling off shields and spears clashing from swords as the camera zooms in and out wildly would make the hallmark motion sequences in the movie 300 so iconic. However, attaining this result wasn’t particularly effortless. 3 cameras ended up rolling, each individual with a distinctive lens (100mm, 50mm, and 21mm) to capture a diverse perspective of the identical scene. In publish-manufacturing, you can considerably change in between the three cameras considering the fact that the shot is synchronized. The people in excess of at [Corridor Crew] needed to recreate the outcome, but somewhat than produce a custom made mount to keep 3 highly-priced cameras, they 3d printed a custom mount to keep a few highly-priced smartphones.

Whilst there are 3 cameras on the back of most telephones, most telephones simply cannot shoot in slo-mo from all cameras at the same time. So they would need to have a rig to maintain a few telephones. The initial structure was simple and just brackets to maintain phones. Even though wonderful and strong, acquiring the phones in or out wasn’t quick, and acquiring to the report button was tough. iPhones have this handy small magnetic ring on the back again. They had a bracket that worked fairly effectively following a couple iterations on the structure and some printer challenges. Due to the fact every single digicam has optical graphic stabilization, it is easy for the lenses to get out of alignment, which can mar the shot. However, they rather lined up the outcome in publish. With a performing prototype, the only issue still left to do was to slice a bunch of piñatas in sluggish motion with a thrumming soundtrack.

We adore looking at remarkable digital camera setups and iterating to come across anything that will work. This twin-digicam set up has a really different goal and attempts to lean into the parallax result alternatively than disguise it. Video clip immediately after the crack.


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