June 23, 2024


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SRO – Search Resume Optimization

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Trying to find a job these days involves technology and the better your resume is to be found will increase your chances of finding a job. Many companies use computer search engines to locate resumes in their system to fill job postings. By formatting and optimizing your resume to work with the search technology the better chance and ranking higher in having the advantage of being at the top of their contact list.

Most job seekers are looking for a specific job or type of job when they apply and send a resume to a prospective employer. It is common to customize a cover letter specifically geared towards a job posting that is being targeted and this is how one begins to optimize their resume. He began by identifying the most important requirements of the job that you are focusing on by scouring the posting. The most relevant requirements are usually at the top of the job posting and/or are at the end of the posting and in some cases they may be in bold or italicized. This is the critical data that will help give you an edge over your competition for that job.

Once you have identified the most important points the next step is to include the exact phrase that is used in the job posting within your resume. You can simply copy and paste an online job posting phrase point and included in your resume. You want to optimize these points so that not only will the computer search engine find them but they also stand out for the HR person as well. If there are no specific instructions within the job posting on how to format your resume for submission than simply include the relevant points within your resume at the top of the category they belong to in your resume.

Avoid italicizing to help make those points stand out, however having them in bold is usually acceptable. The key is the more relevant points that you had in your resume that match the job postings phraseology the better chance you will be a match and usually dictate how close the top of the search results you will appear. The reason that this works is because in a chairperson will commonly use the exact phrase is within the most important points to locate the most relevant resumes that match the requirements for filling the job.

As simplistic as the sounds it has a very favorable results and maybe the edge that will separate you from the hundreds or thousands of other resumes that are competing for human resources attention. The trick is to make it a habit so that every single resume that you have there is a higher probability of being seen in the appropriate job needs to be filled. This increases your chance of being contacted in getting an interview and all you have to do is shine in the interview to secure the job that you are after.

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