April 19, 2024


Step Into The Technology

Summer Game Fest 2022: schedule and announcements so far

17 min read

This year’s Summer Game Fest is officially underway, with Summer Game Fest 2022 marking the third year of Geoff Keighley’s season of gaming. Unlike E3, Summer Game Fest isn’t a conference or event. Instead, it’s an overarching season of digital events that encompasses many different publisher and developer live streams.

As with previous years, Summer Game Fest 2022 opened with a live kickoff show, hosted by Keighley, that was jam-packed with reveals, announcements and updates on some of this year’s biggest games. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as a slew of live stream showcases from publishers and developers are planned for the coming days where we’re sure to get even more juicy details about the biggest games on the horizon – and have a few new ones to add to our list too. 

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