June 13, 2024


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Tiny Thin Client Is Small But Compatible

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Tiny Thin Client Is Small But Compatible

We were impressed with [moononournation’s] tiny thin consumer project. It statements to use an Arduino, but as you may well guess it is applying the Arduino application alongside with a network-enabled microcontroller like an ESP32. The amazing element is that it is criteria-compliant and implements VNC’s RFB protocol.

The authentic coding for RFB on Arduino is from [Links2004] and armed with that, the skinny client is most likely simpler to create than you would guess. Having said that, this undertaking needed to use a more substantial display screen and uncovered that it led to specified challenges. In certain, the original code experienced a 320×240 screen. This undertaking was to use an 800×480 show, but with the limits on the ESP32, the frame fee feasible would be less than 7 frames per 2nd. The solution was to combine a 16-bit parallel interface with improved compression back to the VNC server.

The minimal keyboard is most likely not very functional, but it is compact. That would be yet another effortless thing to modify. At the moment, the keyboard employs I2C, but it would be uncomplicated to alter things up. This would be a deserving foundation to create a even larger project on best. A 3D printed enclosure would be wonderful, far too.

We have witnessed a amount of projects designed around commercial thin purchasers. Some from defunct organizations are excellent sources for obscure pieces, far too.


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