November 28, 2023


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What is the SEO content strategy for B2B? 

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How to Perfect SEO Strategies for B2B Brands | Insights

B2B businesses utilize B2B search engine optimization (SEO), a long-term marketing tactic, to rank on search engines, especially Google. Because SEO is an organic growth strategy, it appeals to B2B businesses that don’t want to continue to rely on PPC or sponsored advertisements. B2B SEO  typically has lower search volumes and a more focused target market than B2C SEO. 

In B2B SEO, you’re focusing on a select group of decision-makers, including the head of sales, vice president of marketing, CEO, and chief revenue officer. These individuals are busy and have particular needs. They are not just taking a leisurely stroll. Hence the content and SEO strategy also is different than most other types of SEO, especially for B2C.  

You’ll see that your approach will change once you take that into consideration. This article focuses on helping you understand what SEO content strategy should have or incorporate as pointers as you start.  

1. Recognize the B2B decision-makers 

If you’ve read any content strategy case studies, you would know that they don’t start working on anything until you have completed a comprehensive buyer analysis. In the B2B market, it’s critical to comprehend the steps your customers took to reach their decision to work with you. This gives you the opportunity to become a devoted customer. 

Buyer personas are more than just a summary of company and customer demographics. For B2B SEO content, you require both. But their everyday frustrations and objectives are what actually move the needle. B2B purchasers must accept them both as individuals and in their respective roles. 

2. Strict content creation and scalable strategy 

Since all of our content is written with search in mind, it is important that our concise results are very clear and SEO oriented. But it is not easy to find an SEO writer who has not developed bad writing habits or a good writer who fully understands SEO. 

That’s why briefings are so important. We can work with great writers, mostly with journalistic experience, for example from the short term rental industry. The briefing is very broad and covers the main things the author should focus on: 

  • Main keyword 
  • Search intent analysis and breakdown 
  • Secondary Keywords 
  • include subtitle 
  • Narrative to include in work 
  • Section angle 
  • Internal link must be included 

Analyze the top ranking articles for these keywords and what we like/dislike about them. 

Everything that the section needs to cover for scoring is included in the briefing. Since SEO Strategists provided this summary, writers only had to fill in the blanks, leaving us with a fully SEO optimized section written by great writers who are knowledgeable on the subject. 

3. Find trending topics in Facebook groups 

In addition to running out of bottom-of-the-line keywords and big but well-known topics (there’s so much more to write about automating your B2B product). 

It is important to stay focused on trends in the industry and carry out keyword research. For example, when we looked at the Facebook group for short-term rental hosts, we found that many people were asking about insurance to cover their short-term rentals. It is a confusing theme to navigate, making it the perfect theme for our clients. While they don’t offer insurance, they do cater to landlords who rent out homes. 

After deciding on a topic, you should conduct keyword research to see what search intent will resonate with your readers and have enough volume to follow. 

4. Internal linking as a strategy 

Even though at times we don’t have the budget to build external links, we can still implement an internal link strategy. A link is a link from one of the pages on your site to another, also on your site. As part of your strategy, consistently ensure that: 

  • New content on blogs always leads to old content in the same category 
  • Old content is updated regularly with links to new content 
  • SEO strategists should include instructions in each author briefing, specifically what to link to and what anchor text (hyperlink keywords) to use. Systematically return once a month and update old posts to include links to new posts. 

5. Monitoring, updating, and optimization 

SEO is not just about posting and forgetting and moving on to the next post. Track our rankings as well as additional surprise keywords that will rank in Google Search Console. Continue to review the data for the following: 

  • What keywords are you ranking for? Should you re-optimize the page for better rankings? Can you add keywords in an article to get higher rankings? 
  • Do you rank for keywords that deserve their own place? 
  • How is your CTR? Do you need to upgrade any titles? 

This way we continue to rank up without using any referrals. 


Here is hoping you have understood this article about b2b seo content and strategy. If you want to get your b2b blog up and start with the same. You can get a consultation on board or a managed SEO provider on board to execute and get your ideas in place. In case of any queries with respect to the article, please share them in the comments section below.  

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